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Do you have, or think you may have, Autism, Asperger’s or another Autistic Spectrum Disorder ?

Are you interested in getting to know like-minded individuals, getting practical support, or just want to learn more about Autism ?

Tameside Autism Group . Is a Social Club for adults 18 Yrs + that have autism . autistic or aspergers issues . That want to find out more & connect to others with Discussion, Signposting, Guide Leaflets & Support Help .

At present there is a Desktop / Laptop WebSite & this Mobile Phone Version WebSite . Plus there is a Monthly Social Club held in Hyde . Tameside .

Richard Finch . BIOGRAPHY . Speaking . Sound Track.mp3 Richard Finch . INTERVIEW . Sound Track . 7-6-12.mp3 Richard Finch . ISSUES & HELP . For Autism & Aspergers . Interview . 1St November 2012.mp3

PodCast . This is a Biography article spoken by Richard concerning life history & effects of autism & aspergers .

PodCast . This is a film track sound file discussing autism / aspergers support & future ideas for better care .

PodCast . This is a talk with Richard concerning difficulties / talents of autism & aspergers                          

Interview Talk . Issues & Help

Interview . Autism